Welcome to Our Journey

This is my sweet brown child. Well, this is one of them. I have two children but only one has Type 1 Diabetes. Anabel was diagnosed just a little over a year ago. Like all parents who walk this road with a child with T1D, my husband and I have been through the flurry of emotions that come along with initial diagnosis, to finding a new normal and working not to compare life pre-diabetes. One important disclaimer here, I am not an expert on this condition.

Anabel is 9 years old.  You see the picture, she’s cute.  No, she’s beautiful!  She’s also seriously the sweetest child you would ever hope to meet. She navigates her life as someone who is insulin dependent better than most adults would. She’s responsible and thoughtful. Over the past few years we have all learned a lot about T1D. One unexpected experience though, has been what seems like a lack of representation of children of color in this community. Perhaps it’s our geographic location, but throughout the last year we have literally never met another child of color with the condition. (Okay, okay maybe 1). In her school, which is predominantly comprised of people of color she is the only one. In her support group, she’s the only one. Even when we went to family diabetes camp, we were the only ones!

So why start a blog? This experience and its apparent lack of diversity got me thinking about how one builds community within a community. Everyone inherently wants to feel included in something that matters in their lives. I want my daughter to be represented in the community of people managing this condition. I have been an educator for over 10 years and as an educator I am first a learner. In the last year I have learned a great deal (please note I still have so much more to learn) but I feel like there is value in sharing our experience as a family.

A note about inclusion… all are welcomed here! I’m a person of color although I am multi-racial I identify as a black woman. My husband is Dominican. I hope that this can be a place of support and learning for anyone interested. I do intend to share our experience with this disease from the lens of a family of color who deeply cares for a sweet brown child.

Thank you for taking this journey with us!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Journey”

  1. Hi Tia, my daughter was diagnose when she was 5 yrs old, it was devastating and overwhelmed there were too many new things to learn at the same time. She is doing well she is 13 yrs old now and is a smart and strong girl. When she was diagnose I wanted to be involve in a lot of type 1 diabetes programs and groups but I stop going because the lack of diversity and didn’t feel comfortable not been included. At camp and school she was, is the only spanic girl, it is hard nit to have someone in common to talk about it. Thanks.


    1. Thank you for visiting our blog and thank you for sharing your story. This is exactly why I started writing about our experience. We are here going through this journey too. You have a community with you. So happy to hear your daughter is doing well. Keep reading Sweet Brown Child blog!


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