The Morning After…

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 4.58.40 PMSay cheese!  It is holiday picture time (we’re serious Christmas celebrating people… like Christmas music and decorating on November 1st kind of people).  If this blog were set to a sound track, it would be to Mariah Carey’s very first Christmas album with the opening number being ‘All I want for Christmas is You’, but I digress.  It may look like A is striking her fiercest pose on Mr. Snowman here, but in fact, she’s so tired she doesn’t want to sit up straight.  Mr. Snowman’s face looks like even he knows that something is up.

Oh man, this is one of those ‘I hate the reality of diabetes’ days.  Her BG levels ran high steadily throughout the day yesterday. They are fine today, if anything running a bit lower than our unicorn of 100. However, she keeps saying that she is very tired and her eyes and body language show it.   As formulaic as dosing insulin and counting carbs are there are often times when you just have to use your best judgement.  At this age there are so many physical changes that we have to be flexible with her ratios as we see trends in her BGs.  In our early days we would immediately be on the phone with her endocrinologist trying to figure out why she was running high.  These days we realize that there isn’t always a reason.  We’ll deal with the trends at the endocrinologist appointments.

There are so many unseen sides of the illness.  (PS- my husband hates when I call it an illness.  He says that she is not sick… it is a condition.  You may have noticed I seldom call it an illness).  One of those side effects is the aftermath of sustained low or high blood sugar.  It takes a toll on our sweet ones.   As her mom I think that my job is to support her and be responsive when she needs me.  I don’t try to baby her, as normalcy is important, but when she needs some understanding and adjustments to her daily routine I try to respond.   Thankfully, though, most days no adjustments are needed at all.

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