A Little Bling On Her Pump

In the early days of diagnosis we were thinking about the possibility of getting an insulin pump for A.  Hey, we are still in the early days, so I guess I’ll say the EARLIER days of diagnosis.  I’ll dig into that story more in a future post, but I want to highlight ways that we can make living every day life more enjoyable  for our sweet ones.   Changing infusion sites every 3 days is no fun.  Even less fun is the process of inserting a new sensor for a Dexcom.  Have you seen the needles on those things?  I engage in serious and prolonged pep talking with my sweet brown child when these events come up.  However, finding ways to get her excited about something makes the process so much easier.  What sweet one doesn’t want a blinged out insulin pump or Dexcom?!?!?

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 6.09.06 PMIn comes Pump Peelz.  Hey Pump Peelz! These are adhesives that can be added to both insulin pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs- the things you can insert that give an updated on blood sugar levels via an app) to make them more fun and unique.  Pump Peelz makes these fun adhesives for many pumps, including the Tandem X2, Medtronic, Animas and Omnipod pumps.     is currently sporting the donuts adhesive for her Tandem X2 . Just because we Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 6.20.25 PMcould, we got extras special with it and added some decor to her Dexcom 5 CGM!  Today, in the spirit of the holidays there are little penguins dancing on her transmitter.   The adhesives for the monitor are about $9 each and the adhesives for her Dexcom transmitter are $2.  The adhesives are strong, so they stay on and don’t damage the equipment.

I’m thankful for small things like this, that put a smile on my daughter’s face and provided just a little bit of joy during uncomfortable moments.  We will continue to bling out her tech until her little heart is content.

Not only am I new to this diabetes mom life, I’m also new to this blogging thing.  So, whenever I highlight a product, it’s because I bought it and wanted to try it with A.  I’m not paid for my opinion, nor is anything given to me.  This is how I really feel about the products I share with you.

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